Kevin Cameron
Kevin Cameron
Character Design & Illustration

Kevin Cameron

Character Design & Illustration


About Me

Working across multiple industries and disciplines, Kevin is highly flexible, adaptable, and eager to learn new processes.

Be it toys, clothing, storyboarding, books, animation, or education, he knows the value of teamwork. Cooperation and strong communication are his cornerstones for hitting deadlines and creating quality work.

As an illustrator, Kevin believes first and foremost in telling good stories for folks of all ages and persuasions. His biggest influences stress that inclusion & joy are the core forces in his body of work, and life in general.

Places He's Worked of Learning
BLT Communications
The Cimmaron Group
MEGA Brands
The Playforge
Gravity Interactive
Lakeshore Learning
Disney Consumer Products
Spinmaster Toys
Titmouse Inc.
49er Shops, Inc.

Other Stuff

Piece in "Moon Crisis" group show, Rothick Art Haus
Artwork in 4 Udon "Tribute" books
Work in "We Heart Japan" gallery at Meltdown Comics for Japan tsunami relief
"Pedals & Prints" gallery at Crewest
"Monsters on Bikes" gallery
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